How to Build Your Resume Before Applying to College

July 04, 2019 By Belle
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When applying for jobs, internships, and specifically colleges, it is very important to start to build your resume in order to have an advantage over other students and prove your uniqueness to the committee looking over your applications.  

1. Internships

As a pre-med student, I held an internship at the local hospital during my freshmen and sophomore year of high school that greatly exposed me to the behind-the-scenes action of patient-doctor relations.  I recommend being quite active in searching for opportunities like these to gain work-related experience.  Additionally, being involved in school-related activities such as clubs and sports can also boost your chances of getting into your dream college. 

2. Honor Societies

The most notable clubs include Honor Societies (e.g. Math Honor Society, National Honor Society, etc.).  Honor Societies require higher GPAs in addition to applications to join.  Not only is membership in these clubs helpful for your resume, but leadership as well.  Whether that be captain for your high school sports team or president/VP/secretary/treasurer for a club, it is beneficial to hold leadership positions to show your adversity in strategic thinking, organizational skills, and overseeing a large group of members.

3. Work Experience

In terms of work experience, even a minimum-wage job in retail can help add to your resume.  One of the aspects of holding any job is the ability to work alongside a team of employees (communication and teamwork), hold good customer interactions, and be able to know how to handle difficult situations when customers or coworkers are not compliant with the company’s policies.  When applying for jobs, especially for a summer job (given that you have more time when school is out), I advise that you start that at least two months before you actually intend to work.  After submitting an application, companies will most likely get back to you within 2 weeks.  Then the interview process and training require another 2-3 weeks depending on the job.  All in all, gaining exposure to the working field and being actively involved in extracurriculars are both super critical in demonstrating your broad range of strengths and skills to the college admissions.

Belle attends University of California, Berkeley with strong backgrounds of Math and Science. She shares her tips to be able to get into the top college. If you like to learn more about the college entrance tips or simply need academical help please check her schedule or reach out to 


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