About Inizian

Inizian provides an education service for your child who attends Grade,
Middle and High School or who is currently home being schooled.
With Inizian's excellent tutors, your child will be encouraged to study and receive the necessary educational support
for the subjects that your child is working on and advance to the next level.

With flexibility in mind, each 25 minute lesson is easy to take with free call softwares such as Skype and WeChat.
Your child can take lessons whenever and wherever he or she is.

Our Features

  • Tutors

    Inizian interviews tutors for their backgrounds, interests and experiences of teaching children from age 6 to 16+. While being friendly, approachable and smart; many tutors also speak different languages.

  • Better Grades

    Our goal is to improve your child's education and prepare them for their future success. We do our best to find the right tutors for your child's advancement.

  • Flexibility

    To fit your busy schedule, each lesson is 25 minutes. Lessons are reasonably priced from our tutors to suit your needs.

Let's try THREE FREE trial lessons and meet our tutors!
It is very easy to take a lesson!