Five Step-by-Step Tips to Creating the Perfect Introduction for your Essay

June 23, 2019 By Christina
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When getting ready to write an essay, one of most frustrating things is staring at the blank computer screen watching the curser blink sadly at you as you try to determine how to even start.


Do I have your attention?


1.Starting an Engaging Paragraph

Creating an attention grabber (usually one that is relatable to most audiences) is one of the best starts to an essay that will keep your classmates and teachers alike wanting to read more.


2. Writing a Topic Sentence

 Determine what the topic of your essay is going to be (ex: "Steps to writing a good essay intro"). Great. Now write that down. Now you can use that rough topic sentence to create your thesis statement that will most commonly be contained at the end of your intro paragraph.


3. Creating a Good Body Paragraph

And just like that you are already on the last step! You now have the beginning sentence to your introduction, also called the "hook" because of the way it grabs the reader’s attention, and the thesis statement which will most likely be the last sentence of your essay. Now it’s time to fill in the middle.


4. Creating a Tone

You can use the hook and topic statement as a way of creating the tone of your introduction. For example, if you started with something relatable then continue that theme until about the middle of your intro (around 3 sentences).


5. Create a Smooth Transition to Your Next Paragraph

Here you can start transitioning your example into including more facts that are going to be included into your essay (ex: a little background on your topic or facts relating to the personal hook you started with).


Hope this helps you all and happy essay writing. If you would like more help please schedule an appointment with me :)


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