Top 3 Ways Studying Vocabulary Words Can Improve Writing and Speech

September 13, 2019 By Christina
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1. Pulling words from reading

Whether you are learning a new language or just trying to improve your current vocabulary, reading is the obvious choice. However, as much as reading a good book can help you learn how to better express yourself, there are often times where there are words we don’t completely understand or that our minds skip over when we think we understand the main concept of the text we are reading. Slowing down your reading and taking the time to write down words that you don’t completely understand can be a huge help in increasing vocabulary and finding ways to better express yourself.


2. Writing original sentences from vocab lists

We’ve established the importance of reading deliberately in order to increase vocabulary. Hopefully you have these words written down now so that we can start Step #2! Now that you have your list of vocabulary words from your most recent reading you can get started looking up definitions. After developing this list create a challenge for yourself. Try to create original sentences using the word that you just learned as a way to practice adding these vocabulary words to your vocabulary.


3. Writing flashcards

Find vocab lists! The web is full of helpful ways to increase your vocabulary. If you are learning English, I would suggest looking up vocabulary lists for TOEFL. This gives you list of academically words  that are very helpful if you goal is to express yourself better. You can also look up other vocab lists based on category such as “academic,” “vacation,” “history,” etc. once you find the list that interests you, try writing them down on flashcards. Writing things down is proven to increase your retention of whatever you are trying to learn. Flashcards come in handy because they can easily be carried of studied anywhere you like without taking up a lot of space.


Hope these tips are helpful for you!

Happy Studying!


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