Paris, city of love, lights, and… you, speaking fluently with local shop owners and a

August 21, 2019 By Laetitia
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Any visit to a new or beloved country is simpler, more enjoyable, and more fulfilling when you have a little bit of the local language under your belt. France is no exception, and Parisians almost demand that you show off some speaking skills, whether to receive decent service in a new favorite café or directions to the most awe-inspiring cultural sites. 


With such a beautiful language to its name – is any list of celebrated authors complete without Voltaire and Colette, Camus and Hugo, not to forget Francois de St. Exupéry? – planning a visit to the third most visited city on earth almost requires learning some conversational phrases.


If you’re dreaming of visiting the French capital, galivanting through the lavender fields of Provence, the Mediterranean coast off Nice, or the snow-capped Pyrenees, make the learning process an exciting one by mapping out the material you wish to master by takeoff.


Is your trip planning still contained in your dreams and not this upcoming holiday? Even better! The more time you dedicate to learning French, the more rewarding the payoff will be.


  1. Set goals: do you want to leap to a fluent C1 level, or figure out how to order your favorite French desserts? Test yourself on your current skills, and map out how much time you’ll need to carve out over time.
  2. Make your French learning immersive: watch your favorite movies in the original language, teach yourself some favorite new French meals with recipes you find online, and join your nearest Francophile club to celebrate cultural events while brushing up on speaking and listening comprehension! The closer you align your schedule and hobbies to learning the language, the more practice and fun you’ll have along the way.
  3. Go beyond your textbooks with apps and games: frequent practice with DuoLingo and Massive Trivia Quiz help make learning fun and challenging. You’ll surprise yourself in weeks with all of the vocabulary and phrases you’ll have absorbed.


Remember: with 275 million francophones worldwide, you gain access to an incredible list of new countries by pursuing your dreams of learning French. Your horizons will expand as you’ll soon be able to island hop in Polynesia, spot lemurs in Madagascar, and eat delicious poutine in Québéc.


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