Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How long is one lesson?
A.Each lesson is for 25 minutes. This allows for time flexibility to meet various family needs.
Q.What type of subjects are offered with Inizian lessons ?
A.Our tutors offer Math, English (including TOEFL), Science, Other Languages, Computers and Standardized Exam Preparation.
Q.How much is one lesson?
A.With Inizian, each tutor decides his or her own lesson points pricing. On the Tutors page, you can search for lesson points that are right for you.
Q.I am a student's parent. Can I cancel a scheduled lesson for my child?
A.Yes, you can do that without a charge if you cancel it prior to 24 hours of your scheduled lesson starting time.
Q.Are there any materials to study?
A.Each tutor has expertise in their subjects in which they teach and may have study materials that they offer, but Inizian does not have official study materials.
Q.What is WeChat?
A.WeChat is a messaging application that works on a Mac, Windows and mobile devices, which many students from all over the world use. The software is similar to Skype, which allows for audio and video communications.
Q.How can I register as an Inzian tutor?
A.To register as an Inizian tutor, please go to the bottom of any Inizian page and click on the 'Become an Online Tutor' button to sign up. Once Inizian receives your tutor application, our staff will contact you to confirm an interview date and time. Your interview will last for 10-15 minutes, which includes a mock tutoring lesson for 5 minutes on a subject you would like to teach. After the interview process has been successfully completed, you'll be on your way to help many students.