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January 08, 2019 By Christina
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Learning English for the first time can be difficult! No matter what age you are, attempting to get a hold of the English language that is full exceptions in language rules isn’t easy. But here are ways to learn in a way that is not only more fun, but a lot more relatable. Making learning a new language fun!


Watch Movies

One of the best ways to learn a language is by hearing it and seeing how native speakers interact and use the language. Watching the way actors communicate and hearing pronunciation can be a really big help even if you aren’t yet sure what they’re saying. This can work for nearly all ages. For younger kids listening to cartoons that present simple sentence structures can be great. For young adults and older, watching their favorite movie in English and using subtitles for their native language can be helpful in understanding how to express oneself.


Learn Something Relatable

Textbooks that focus on teaching a language for the first time, often focus on proper grammar and types of pronunciation that are so “correct” that they are rarely used in the real world. Start learning English by learning things that are relatable like how to talk about your favorite sport, or how to express how you feel about a situation. This will keep anyone learning a new language engaged longer excited to learn more.


Learn Outside the Box

Don’t limit yourself to learning a language one way. There are so many resources to use! If you are a visual learner, then get your favorite book in your native language that is translated to English to help you get a grasp on vocabulary. If you are an auditory learner, listen to English music or simple audiobooks. Don’t let anyone limit you to the way you learn English.


Be Versatile

When you cater your lesson to your specific interests it makes learning that much more entertaining and easier to grasp. Watch Sports in English, play music, listen to familiar podcasts, play children’s shows. Increasing the ways that you learn a language will also help you to get a better grasp of the language itself.


Always Make Learning Fun, It Always Pays Off!



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