How to Study Effectively (and Efficiently) for Your Next Test

December 08, 2018 By Ariel C
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I recently calculated that over the past 7 years I have taken more than 100 academic tests.  That’s a conservative estimate, and that’s still a lot of tests.  So by now I’ve learned a lot about how to study for tests.  This blog includes 5 tips that can help you study smarter for your next test.


Start early

Your brain learns best when you can take your time, not when you have to cram.  So start prepping for your test when you first learn the material, this way your knowledge about the subject can accumulate at a moderate pace over time, and you’ll be better able to remember the material on your test.


Put down your phone

I cannot repeat this enough.  Rid yourself of any distractions while you’re studying.  You won’t be able to have your phone during your test, so you don’t need your phone while you’re studying.


Do lots and lots of practice problems

Practice problems are the best way to see how much you know the material.  I like selecting a set of practice problems and then working on them as if they were a test; this helps me to evaluate how I’ll perform under test-like conditions. 


Know your learning style

Figure out how you learn best and incorporate your learning style into your studying style.  For example, if you’re a visual learner, make yourself lots of charts of the test material.     


Ask for help when you need it

Everybody needs help sometimes and there are plenty of resources to help you study.  Us tutors here at Inizian are always more than happy to help you study for your next test.


Happy studying!


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