3 Tips for Getting Into College that You Really Want To

August 01, 2018 By Terri
Your College Decision (College Advice)   

  1. GPA:

One of the most important factors for getting into college is your grade-point-average (GPA)! The way your GPA is calculated is based on the different courses you take (AP, Honors, Regular, Dual Enrollment etc.). Usually Dual Enrollment and AP classes weigh the most and Regular classes weigh the least. Something I think is important is to see if you’re able to take Dual Enrollment courses at a nearby college so you can earn college credit in high school. Not only will it boost your GPA, but it'll allow you to use those credits towards your college degree. While most schools vary in average GPA, getting the highest GPA possible will play a huge role in getting admitted into colleges worldwide. However, if you don’t have the best GPA, it’s okay because other factors are taken into consideration in the admissions process.

  1. Standardized Tests:

From personal experience, dedicating at least 3 hours a day for 5 months before the exam date will allow you to be prepared for the exam. I took as many practice tests as I could from The Official ACT Prep Guide to best simulate the real test and see which section I could improve in. My biggest obstacle during the ACT was time, so if you practice as much as possible, then you’ll be able to manage your time better. I would advise to prepare and take the exam early in your junior year, so if you aren’t satisfied with your score, you have the time to study and retake it as many times as possible. Also, if you’re eligible for free/reduced lunch, you may be qualified for (2) fee waivers for the SAT or ACT.

  1. Essays:

Starting as early as possible (the Common App opens in August) will allow you to have ample time to create a well-written essay. I feel a great way to develop an essay is to incorporate your own personal stories and experiences into it. After writing your draft, you can send it to your peers, mentors, friends, and family to provide constructive feedback.


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