4 Tips to Improve Your Math Skills

May 23, 2018 By Terri
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1. Practice:

By practicing different questions on the same math concept, you’ll be able to improve your skill and accuracy in these topics. A great way to find extra problems is to go beyond the questions that are required by your homework and instead also complete the other questions that are provided to you. Also, most of the answers are given at the end of the textbook, so you can see if you answered them correctly. By setting a goal of 2 hours of additional practice a day, you’ll see a noticeable difference.


2. Pay Attention:

Listening and watching your teacher when they are explaining different parts of math will help you pick up on the techniques and strategies to answering the questions. If you can follow the way your teacher solves the problems, then you will be able to use the same type of method when you are doing your homework or exam. I know that math may seem boring or hard for some students, which may cause them to give up, but really building your understanding will you give you more appreciation and confidence in math!


3. Worksheets:

Many times students forget that there is more to it then just your textbook! The internet is able to provide so many invaluable resources like worksheets that you can use to strengthen your math skills. A lot of these worksheets provide different types of questions (application, understanding, etc.) for one topic that you may be focusing on; this will make you more versatile in looking at that concept by being able to answer questions in a different way of thinking.


4. Videos:

Not every student is able to adapt to their teacher’s teaching style, so if you feel like your teacher isn’t able to teach any concept properly, you could find videos of other teachers explaining it. A great thing about videos is that you can stop the video whenever or listen to it again if you feel like you can’t keep up or don’t understand it the first couple of times. Some helpful website include KhanAcademy, TenMarks, and Mathademics.


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