Math for Middle Schoolers

June 06, 2018 By Ariel
Middle Schoolers' Math (Math)   

Middle school is a tricky time for students, both socially and academically.  Math classes often prove especially challenging for many middle schoolers.  In my experience as a tutor I have helped several adolescents through this transition, and have come up with 5 helpful hints for excelling in middle school math:       


Acknowledge the transition. 

Math in elementary school is a lot different from math in middle school.  Before starting middle school, sit down with your student and talk with them about how math is going to be different for them.  I’ve found that going over the syllabus before class begins can be quite helpful for students.  Giving students a preview of the middle school math can help them mentally prepare for this transition.


Start good practices young. 

This is so important!  Teach your student good academic habits at a young age, and help them continue to use them throughout their academic career.  The earlier your student can learn good study habits, the better. 


Create an organizational system. 

Middle school math is essentially an introductory course with many different components.  Though all these components are connected, it may be hard for your student to see how all this information fits together.  Sit down with your student and create an organizational system so that they can better understand the material.  I have found with my students that consistently color-coding math concepts helps them to better understand and remember the content.


Practice, practice, practice. 

Of course different students learn differently.  But the one thing that all students have in common is that the more they practice their math, the better their results will be.


Play to your student’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Help your student feel confident about the content that they know, positive encouragement in middle school math helps students to lower their anxiety, which improves their performance.  If your student is struggling with material, have them go talk with their teacher or work with a tutor at Inizian.  I have found that working one-on-one with students greatly improves their academic outcomes, especially in middle school math.      


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