6 Tips for Preparing for the SAT

April 18, 2018 By Christina
SAT (Test Prep)   

The SAT exam can be described in a few words: exhausting, stressful…. the cause of panic attacks, to name a few. There’s no way to make this exam feel like it’s the end of the world as a high school student, but here are a few things you can do so you don’t feel so overwhelmed.


Start Early!

The SAT is an exam that is way too long to cram for. If you are currently a freshman in high school, take advantage of your time! Start looking into small practice tests Freshman Year. This way you don’t feel so pressures and can identify the sections of the exam that you might need more practice with.


Take Advantage of Practice Tests

Practice tests are SUPER similar to the exam that you will take so take advantage! You can take the practice tests as many times as you want and it will help you in a multitude of ways.


No Conjunctions in your essay

On the essay questions on you exam here is a VERY important tip. Do not use conjunctions. As weird as it might sound to spell out usual conjunctions like “It’s” or can’t,” your paper will sound much more professional and essays are graded higher when all words are spelled out.


Practice Time Management

One thing that can really knock off points for students is not being able to finish the exam in time. Practicing time management beforehand can be very helpful. Get an understanding of how long it’s going to take you for each section from the practice tests and use this to set an idea of how to manage your time when taking the actual exam.


Answer Every Question

This is important to remember. You do not lose points for answering every question, even the ones you are unsure of. If you reach a question that you are completely unsure of and have no idea how to answer, do not be afraid to make educated guesses. For the most part you still have a 25% chance of getting a question right and every point counts!


Take a breath!

Do not forget to breathe! If you have prepared for this exam then you have done the very best you can do regardless of the results. The results don’t define you. And when making educated guesses, it is important to remember that you often know more than you think you do.


Good Luck to Everyone Taking the Exam!


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