Why I Chose My College

April 04, 2018 By Terri
Your College Decision (College Advice)   

There are so many great colleges throughout the world. I understand choosing the right college for you may be a difficult process. Therefore, I want to share why I chose to attend UNC-Chapel Hill.



One of the things I wanted to do was attend college outside of my hometown. I lived in the same place my first 18 years, so I wanted to be in a completely different environment. Even though I was scared to go outside of my comfort zone, I was very excited for new friends and wonderful opportunities.


Financial Aid 

Though I wanted to go out-of-state, I felt that financial aid was a huge component of whether or not I could afford attending the university. Since the out-of-state tuition is a lot greater than the in-state tuition, it was important that I received a substantial amount of financial aid. Fortunately, UNC-Chapel Hill was able to offer me an amazing financial aid award which included an institutional grant, need-based grant, and work-study (jobs that you can get paid for while you are at school). Indeed, I was able to attend all four years of undergraduate without having to take out a single loan.



While I don’t play sports, I found that being at a school where school spirit was prevalent was extremely vital. At UNC-Chapel Hill, all sports especially basketball are very big; in fact, one of the biggest rivalries in college sports is UNC-Chapel Hill versus Duke University. All of the students are so dedicated that we are willing to wait in line for numerous hours to get tickets to the game. When we win, we have a tradition of running to Franklin Street, a popular street where everyone gathers to celebrate and cheer.



During high school I was able to take dual enrollment courses which allowed me to gain college credit. I was able to earn 60 credits, so I was hoping to attend a university that accepted a majority of my credits. Through the dual enrollment program, I was able to take classes like General Chemistry, English Composition 1, Humanities, and Fundamentals of Speech Communication. UNC-Chapel Hill was able to accept most of my credits and I was able to complete most of general education requirements even before starting college. This allowed me to focus most of my time on my major requirements and let me have a schedule that was more flexible and would let me get ahead.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you will use some of the advice/tips in choosing the perfect college for you. If you have a chance, please feel free to check out my tutor profile If you are interested, I would love if you could reserve a lesson with me or email to ask about my available lesson time slots.


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