How to Improve Your Test Scores

March 28, 2018 By Preeti

Be Consistent

The night before test day you should just be studying the nuisances of the subject. The bulk of studying should be done two to three days in advance, earlier for larger tests. If you take it little by little, you’ll be ready for your test before you know it!


Be Confident

While you can be your best friend you can also be your worst enemy. A negative attitude will slow you down, resulting in silly mistakes. On the other hand, a positive attitude will keep you motivated and alert, while also allowing you to manage your time better.


A Good Night Sleep

Regardless of the importance and length of the test, this is a difference maker. The better rested you are the less likely you are to miss subtle things in the directions, or numbers written out in word problems. These small things will end up making a difference in your final grade.


Don’t rush

While it may seem like finishing early is the better choice at first. It is not about who finishes the fastest! The most accurate people always get the last laugh. Being careful can help avoid basic arithmetic errors or forgotten periods at the end of sentences. Every second you spend checking your work is an additional chance you’re giving yourself to catch another mistake and score additional points.


Listen to Key Points

During class teachers almost always spill clues about what is going to be on the test. Concepts that are mentioned repeatedly are likely to be on the test. Questions resembling on the test are usually made a note of and explained thoroughly. Teachers tend to give hints in subtle ways such as problems in review packets and entrance and exit cards.


Stay Organized

Staying organized is vital to success on tests. More likely than not questions on the test resemble questions on homework and note sheets. Saving pop quizzes and unit tests can be valuable for studying for a midterm or a final. Review packets are also ideal to save since they have a variety of problems in one place.


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