4 Ways of Reducing Stressing as a Teen

March 05, 2019 By Christina
Stress (Student Life)   

Hello Teens!


Being a teenager can feel like an awkward place to be in. You are no longer a child and are making some grown up decisions like where to apply for your first job and whether or not you want to go to college. However you are also not yet an adult and face limitations and restrictions that can either be frustrating or soothing depending on the way you look at them. Below are a variety of things you can embed into your every day schedule that can reduce stress as you maneuver through this challenging time of young adulthood.


1.Set up a variety of goals

Being goal oriented is always great and I highly encourage it. If you don’t have some goals written down to achieve I would suggest doing that write away. Not only will it give you more of a purpose but can reduce stress about your future. For those of you who have already done this, I suggest making a variety of long term and short term goals. Short term goals are goals that can be achieved by the end of the week or the end of the month. These give you continual accomplishments that keep up your motivation for working towards your long term goals that make take a year to achieve. Write these goals down so they become more visible.


2. Stay active and hydrated!

Staying active is so important. Even when you feel busy due to taking classes all day, lack of activity leads to feeling sluggish and having a lazy brain that doesn’t want work up to speed. Make some exercise goals even if it is just walking a mile a day. Increasing exercise can also solve your hydration problem by making you thirsty and eager to drink more. Being healthy can reduce stress just from allowing your brain to function and process things better.


3. Give yourself breaks

Don’t let yourself burn out from all the new information about life and school that is being thrown at you. An unpopular opinion you might not always hear is that you do not have to have your entire life figured out by senior year, because that is impossible. Take a deep breath, write your worries on paper and get them out of your head. Just remember that as stressful as the choices and decisions seem now, they will seem more insignificant as time moves on. This is true for everyone. Remember to look at things in perspective in comparison to the rest of the long life you have ahead of you.


4.Vision Boards

I say this a lot, but Vision Boards! Make your dreams, thoughts and desires into something visual. Make a dream board and post your goals and pending decisions and tackle them one at a time. This will help each thing on your list to feel less overwhelming and can hopefully make it feel more exciting.

Tackle your goals one step at a time!


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