How to Stick to Your Goals

October 06, 2018 By Christina
Goals (Student Life)   




Three Months and the year will be over! Can you believe it! With the year wrapping up it’s time to speed up the process of reaching all our current goals that have most likely been waiting on the backburner for most of the year anyway.


So how can we get these goals achieved so that we can move onto the next? Here are five helpful tips to achieve your goals in no time.


1. List your priorities

Ever had so much to do and have no idea where to start? It’s time to prioritize your to do list! Create a list from most urgent to complete to something that you have time to complete or something that isn’t as serious. Make sure to prioritize your goals by time needed to complete as well as importance. If you have multiple assignments of equal importance, don’t save the most time consuming for last. Make sure you give yourself some leeway to reach a goal. We all know life can be unpredictable.


2. Think Less, Do More

If you are anything like me, you spend more time thinking about what you have to do instead of getting anything done. Here’s a tip, don’t over evaluate what needs to be done. In order to not overwhelm yourself, pick the top thing on your priority list and focus on that. The other things will get done in time, but nothing will ever get completed by worrying about it.


3. Tackle Your Method of Reaching Your Goal

Everyone has a way that works best for them when it comes to tackling goals. Some people like to write lists or carry calendars. Some people like to post sticky notes on every corner so that they are always reminding of what they have to do. Whatever the case may be, find the method to your madness and stick to it!


4. Eliminate distractions and check them off.

Don’t let anything be your excuse for distraction. Have you worked out? Eaten? Everything else taken care of? Is what your thinking about on your priority list? Go through these questions in your head and check them off as reassurance that you are ready to tackle your list.


5. Establish a reward system

No matter what age you are, we all need to be rewarded for the positive things that we do. Establish what you want to work for. Put your favorite candy bar in your desk or give it to a parent or friend to hold onto until you’ve completely finished your task. Not only is it something to look forward to, but letting others know you are getting work done not only holds you accountable but will hopefully inspire others too!


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